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LTW Prayer Calendar / September 24 / Koshti
Population: 1,460,000
Hub: India
Religion: Hinduism
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 25
Description: The Koshti are a Hindu caste of weavers, known for their fine silk cloth. Though they originated in Maharashtra, most of their population now lives outside of this state in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Prayer Points:
• The Koshti were affected by modern industrialization which introduced power looms to India. As a result, many Koshti lost their livelihood. Pray for a ministry of income-generating projects to begin among those Koshti who have found it difficult to transition in the modern world.
• Koshti women have traditionally been regarded as a "factory hand" for weaving cloth by Koshti men, who may try to buy or even steal as many women as possible. Pray for the redemption of Koshti women and restoration to their rightful place as daughters of the Most High God.
• The Koshti worship their weaving instruments as part of the festival honoring the god Ganesh, whom they represent as an idol made of cow dung. Pray that the Spirit of God might lead them from the bondage of superstition into the freedom of knowing and worshiping the One true God of Heaven and Earth.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, your heart breaks that the Koshti might know you and be rescued from the powers of darkness. Endow your people with power and authority to bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ and set the captives free.
Each year 13,000 Koshti die without Christ.

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