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LTW Prayer Calendar / February 19 / Susu
Population: 1,391,000
Hub: Guinea
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.01%
Workers Needed: 0
Description: The Susu are a northern Mande people, closely related to the Yalunka. They are the dominant people in the border region between Guinea and Sierra Leone, and thus have absorbed numerous smaller peoples over the centuries, which together form a larger collective often called the “Sususpeaking peoples.”

Prayer Points:
• The Jesus film has had an enormous impact among the Susu and has been viewed by the vast majority. Pray for effective follow up and churches to be formed.
• Pray for revival amomg the older Susu churches and for the training of strong indigenous leaders who will shepherd the emerging Susu chuches on the mainland.
• Intercede for the seven agencies working among the Susu, that God would give them a spirit of unity, and lead them in cooperative efforts.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may your goodness and mercy be manifest in increasing measure among the Susu.
Each year 13,000 Susu die without Christ.

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