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LTW Prayer Calendar / April 22 / Kahar
Population: 7,809,000
Hub: India
Religion: Hinduism
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 140
Description: The Kahar are an ancient South Asian people who are believed to predate the Aryan conquest of South Asia. They were subjected to servitude and forced to carry the wealthy as palanquin bearers. They have their highest concentrations in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Prayer Points:
• The Kahar have transitioned from their traditional occupation to become entrepenuers and businessmen in cities. Pray that the Kahar might also transition spiritually from a false religious system that enslaved them for centuries.
• The Kahar traditionally have a close relationship with the upper classes of India, and even today they are the water carriers for the wealthy at funerals and weddings. Pray that they might become a witness for Christ amidst this hard to reach class of Indian society.
• The Kahar have community councils which unite them together and govern their social affairs. Pray that the Spirit of God might transform these leadership groups to emnbrace the Lordship of Jesus over their people.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the Kahar experience all the fullness of knowing you and the joy of seeking your face in the light of your Word.
Each year 70,000 Kahar die without Christ.

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