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LTW Prayer Calendar / June 22 / Jambi
Population: 1,071,000
Hub: Indonesia
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Workers Needed: 0
Description: The Jambi are a Malay people who live in the central region of the island of Sumatra. They have been heavily influenced by the larger, neighboring Minangkabau tribe. Their land is characterized by swamps, rivers and dense jungle.

Prayer Points:
• There is no Bible translation in the Jambi language or evangelistic tools like the Jesus Film. Pray for a team to be assembled to produce these resources for the Jambi people.
• There is no active church-planting among the Jambi. Pray that God would raise up Indonesian believers with a heart for bringing Jesus to them.
• The Jambi's geographic isolation has kept them under-developed economically. Pray that believers might bring development and helpful investment to this region that will provide platforms for evangelism and church-planting.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, we ask you to send forth workers among the Jambi who will represent your Son Jesus in both word and deed.
Each year 10,000 Jambi die without Christ.

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