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LTW Prayer Calendar / July 21 / Gelao
Population: 709,000
Hub: China
Religion: Ethnic
% Christian: 0.08%
Resources: None
Engaged: No
Workers Needed: 14
Description: The Gelao are one of the 55 officially recognized minority peoples in China. They are widely dispersed, primarily in Guizhou province. Their language is related to the Tai language family.

Prayer Points:
• The Gelao language is considered threatened as more and more Gelao young people become Chinese speakers. Pray that the translation of the Scriptures might bring about a revival of the Gelao language, and might be the catalyst for a movement to Christ among them.
• The Gelao have a low literacy rate of just 43%. Pray that Christian literacy workers might be raised up to address this need, as well as other education and development ministries.
• The Gelao are one of the largest unreached minority groups in China without any missionary work. It is not known if there are any believers among them. Pray for a team of surveyors to research the best way for gospel engagement.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the love you have for the Gelao compel your people to bring them the good news of salvation. May those whom you have called to live among them be sent forth through the power of your Spirit.
Each year 6,000 Gelao die without Christ.

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