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LTW Prayer Calendar / May 22 / Aimaq
Population: 1,800,000
Hub: Afghanistan
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: None
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 100
Description: The Aimaq are a complex cluster of nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes with various ethnic origins, which today speak related dialects of SW Persian and have been strongly influenced by Turko-Mongolian culture and language. There are at least 20 tribal confederations, and 250 sub-tribes combined in the cluster.

Prayer Points:
• There has been little research among the Aimaq since the 1979 Soviet invasion. Pray for those seeking to ascertain the status and location of all the Aimaq peoples in order to develop appropriate strategies for reaching them.
• The complexity of the Aimaq will require a tenfold increase in missionary personnel among them. Pray for the deployment of missionary teams among the 9 major tribal confederations, especially in the strategic city of Herat, where all these tribes are represented.
• There are no Christian resources in the Aimaq language. Pray for the translation of the gospels which will enable the production of the Jesus Film and facilitate radio broadcasts.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, awaken your church to send workers among the Aimaq and open doors for your Son Jesus to be proclaimed in their midst continually until He comes again.
Each year 5,000 Aimaq die without Christ.

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