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LTW Prayer Calendar / December 26 / Druze
Population: 875,000
Hub: Syria
Religion: Ethnic
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: No
Workers Needed: 40
Description: The Druze are an ethno-religious community in the Middle East which emerged in the 11th century as an offshoot of Ismaili Shiite Islam. Though they speak Arabic they are regarded as a distinct ethnicity from Arabs today. They are thought to be an ammalgamation of various ethnic groups that converted to the religion over the centuries.

Prayer Points:
• The Druze have a militant past and believe that one day their founder will return to conquer the world by force. Pray for deliverance from a spirit of violence and that the power of Christ might transform them into a nation of peace and blessing.
• The Druze mix heretical Gnostic beliefs with monotheism. Pray for deliverance from deceptive ideologies and that the Biblical truth might displace all wrong thinking about God and creation.
• Though there is no full time outreach to the Druze, there are a few among them who have responded to evangelistic efforts. Pray for a movement to Christ that will bring the entire Druze community into the Kingdom of God.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the light of truth in Jesus break through among every genuine seeker of righteousness among the Druze.
Each year 8,000 Druze die without Christ.

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