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LTW Prayer Calendar / August 21 / Burakumin
Population: 937,000
Hub: Japan
Religion: Buddhism
% Christian: 0.20%
Resources: WB, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 17
Description: The Burakumin are the descendants of outcasts from the Japanese feudal era. Forced to live in separate villages, they formed their own unique culture, only intermarrying among one another. They are concentrated in the Kansai region of south-central Hokkaido island.

Prayer Points:
• The Burakumin faced both religious and social discrimination, and were thus forced to develop their own Buddhist and Shinto clergy. Pray that these spiritual leaders might experience the power of Jesus and might lead their people into the Kingdom.
• Many Burakumin are involved in organized crime today, making up an estimated 70% of the Yamaguchi-gumi mafia, which is Japans largest crime syndicate. Pray that the strongholds of crime and violence might be broken over the Burakumin.
• Though it is illegal to discriminate against the Burakumin today, they still face widespread prejudice in Japanese society. Pray that the gospel might bring them hope and a new identity in Christ as those made in God's image.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, you know and feel the suffering of the Burakumin. May they find eternal value in you and place their hope in Jesus.
Each year 8,000 Burakumin die without Christ.

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