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LTW Prayer Calendar / June 19 / Mandailing
Population: 1,341,000
Hub: Indonesia
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.01%
Workers Needed: 0
Description: The Mandailing are a Malay people related to the Batak tribes who live on the island of Sumatra. Their tribe is composed of 16 major clans, the largest of which are the Nasution and the Lubis.

Prayer Points:
• The Mandailing were forced to convert to Islam by the larger Minangkabau people. However, most of the ethnic groups in their people-cluster have become Christian. Pray that they might be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit and might come into the Kingdom of God as an entire people.
• The Mandailing are a migrant people who have spread out all over Indonesia, and over 100,000 have moved to Malaysia. Pray that they might come into contact with believers in the cities where they have gone and might return as missionaries to their people.
• The closest Christian neighbors to the Mandailing are the Angkola tribe, among whom there are over 60,000 evangelical Christians. Pray that God would stir their hearts for outreach to the Mandailing and that a prayer movement for them might begin in their churches.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, the Mandailing were created by you to live in freedom and joy. May they experience all the fullness of your purposes for them in Jesus.
Each year 12,000 Mandailing die without Christ.

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